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With over $1.5B in sales, audiences benefit from Mike Wittenstein’s out-of-the- box thinking and proven skills. His more than 300 presentations and workshops have been the catalyst for customer experience strategy and design around the world.

Programs Available

Store of the Future: Your Own Retail Innovation Lab
45-75 minutes (new in 2014)

Makes the case for retailers to invoke change on themselves by purposefully designing their futures–their store of the future. This keynote (45-75 minutes) shows retail leaders and managers how to create a sustainable innovation capability that will differentiate their brands, engage employee, improve the bottom line and win loyalty (without having to pay for it).

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Customer Experience – By Design
(new in 2014)

Grounds managers with a working overview of the customer experience transformation process. Includes custom interactive exercises based on your industry. Available as a keynote, half-day or full-day workshop.

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Journey Mapping
(new in 2014)

Provides a 360º perspective of mapping how businesses serve their customers. Considered the foundation of customer experience, journey mapping can be used to map the current and future states of any business that serves customers. Includes a complete overview, guidelines for tool selection, examples, and resources. Available as a keynote, half-day seminar (which includes hands-on exercises), or custom event.

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The ‘Apple-Ization’ of Retail
45-90 minutes (Interactive exercises available)

Apple literally reinvented retail (and several other industries). Learn valuable foundation principles you can apply to make your own business’s experience better, as Mike reverse engineers the Apple brand for you. The best designs "delight customers, engage employees, and bring profit for shareholders – all at the same time," Mike says.

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Anticipation: The Highest (and Most Profitable) Form of Service
45-60 minutes (Interactive exercises available)

Anticipate what your customers want and be ready to provide the outcomes they desire most. Knowing sooner makes all the difference. Mike uses vivid stories and quick-to-grasp principles to show you how to enhance your customer’s experience without breaking the bank.

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Service Innovation
60-120 minutes (Includes 1 or 2 Interactive Exercises)

Getting your business to be best at what customers want most is the new holy grail of business. New services can differentiate brands—and get customers talking about them. In this informative and entertaining presentation, Mike will introduce your audience to service design and systems thinking, the two primary tools at the core of successful innovation.

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B2B Customer Experience
45-60 minutes

Many believe that customer experience is a B2C phenomenon. Not true. B2B companies are leapfrogging their competitors by using experience design to introduce new kinds of value for their clients in new ways. With practical and innovative examples, Mike exposes opportunity gaps you cancapitalize on.

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How Experience and Story are Two Sides of the Same Coin
45 minutes

Great experiences breed stories which bring in new customers. This is a great introduction to CX presentation. In this informative introduction to customer experience, Mike explains how to begin with the story the client would want to tell-then work backwards toward the experience design that makes it possible. This topic is a great introduction if you’re serious about CX but haven’t committed yet.

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Executive Roundtable
30-180 minutes
Facilitated Discussion with Live Storyboarding Option

For leadership teams trying to figure out whether to-start a CX project or just where-to-go-from-here, Mike uses a client-vetted, structured outline to get the conversation going, Then, he blends discovery with instruction to help the entire leadership team get on the same page. Mike’s boardroom skills are simply catalytic.

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Any program can be delivered on-line, saving time,travel, and cost.

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In-Depth Services

Storyminers offers end-to-end support for your customer experience initiatives. Just ask Mike.

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“I wanted to tell you again what a great presentation you gave at the ISPA EXPO seminar on “Teaming with Retailers to Improve the Customer Experience.” Your special brand of cutting to the chase was a wake-up call our manufacturer audience needed to hear. The time you used doing “mystery shops” to view product retailing up close and interviewing key executives by phone was excellent preparation, and to say you are a quick study is putting it mildly.”
Nancy Butler, Editor-In-Chief
Sleep Savvy
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“The lecture given by Mr. Wittenstein was rated the highest among all 25 speeches. The speech was not only rated the highest, but was widely appraised by the participants, who not only appreciated its content but also the way of presentation: very interactive and empathetic approach to the participants.”
Aleksandra Schoen-Zmijowa, Director
Blu Business Media
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“We couldn’t have enjoyed your presentation any more!
‘Personal Branding through Social Media’, on February 10th was a hit for the members present at the meetingof the Atlanta chapter. Our members were fully engaged by the information you presented and energized by the possibilities you proposed. Your message was fun, relevant and timely. Thank you so very much for your time and your winning presentation style.”
Deborah Shipman, President
Executive Women International
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“My responsibility is to feature speakers who engage us, make us think and offer best practices so our members feel like the meeting was a good investment of their time. Mike Wittenstein does that. His laid back style makes him easy to listen to and interact with. Mike took the time to get to know us and shared how to differentiate ourselves through customer experience. His presentation is a prime example of a good customer experience.”
Joe Noonan
Business Marketing Association
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“Thank you, Mike, for bringing the topic of customer experience to a new level of relevancy to the store design community by sharing inspiring insights & strategic acumen to our chapter members. You’ve brought new meaning & focus to our community of designers & architects and helped them to transform their creative focus to be better aligned with CX and it’s importance to creating the best retail environments possible!”
Brian Dyches, International Chairman
Retail Design Institute
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“Mike Wittenstein’s presentation at our Institute of Management Consultants meeting was highly engaging, thought provoking and energizing.Simply superb. We were impressed by how he customized the program to meet our distinct needs. Mike made us all think more systematically about our clients’ experiences. Thanks to his guidance, we are communicating the compelling reasons why they use our services as we build our businesses.”

Stanley Sloan
Institute of Management Consultants
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Written Bio

Mike Wittenstein started IBM’s first customer experience practice in 1999. Since then, under the Storyminers® name, he has been using experience design as a business strategy to positively impact retailers and the businesses that support them. His clients have enjoyed over $1.5B in sales impact as he helps them focus on the human element in addition to the bottom line.

Mike is a global experience designer, consultant and speaker with over two decades of experience. His work has taken him to more than 25 countries and he has helped over 400 companies. His expertise is in using customer experience design as a strategy for increasing sales and profit. He helps leaders and their companies find the kind of differentiation customers notice and competitors find impossible to replicate.

Mike knows how to effectively blend design, technology, operations, marketing, mobile, and people. He’s got a gift for sharing experiences through keynotes, board meetings, or on the showroom floor with sales associates. He brings “in the trenches” know-how from a wide variety of service businesses including many retailers. Mike is approachable, knowledgeable, and most of all authentic. He’s got a passion for his craft and a great way with stories.

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Spoken Bio

I’m really glad we have Mike Wittenstein with us today. He’s an experience and service designer, a consultant, and a speaker. Mike’s first exposure to customer experience came at IBM where he served as an Executive Consultant. He started IBM’s first CX practice landing customer experience projects at McDonald’s, Air Canada, and Best Buy. In 2002, he founded Storyminers to help service brand leaders make big changes to their brands by improving their customer experience. Mike is known globally for his creativity and his ability to work ideas from the front-line to the boardroom. In undergraduate school, Mike studied Portuguese and Russian while spending two years overseas. He also earned an international MBA. Mike lives in Atlanta and travels globally.

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  • Thunderbird School of Global Management; MBA in International Management & Marketing
  • University of Florida: BA in Foreign Languages & Cultures
  • Language & Overseas Studies 2 years
  • Middlebury College, Pushkin Institute (Moscow) and Centro Unificado Professional (Rio de Janeiro)
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  • CXPA Founding Member
  • Retail Design Institute Professional Member
  • Global Speaker’s Association
  • National Speaker’s Association
  • Distinguished Toastmaster
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